Grow long hair with avo oil



Avocado, like most fruits and vegetables, are best eaten raw like with ham sandwiches, tossed with salads, mashed with another fruit like maybe ripe sweet bananas (for kids too) or made into puree or blended with another fruit to make juice. Occasionally, I like it in my egg omelet or in my cereal with other fruits. Kids may find it fun to dip avocado in honey or have it with peanut butter.

Now, other than for eating and mixing into juices, ice-cream, fruit bowl or in any way you like it, this amazing fruit can be used on our scalp and hair too – when it is mashed and made into a paste. You may blend it if preferred.

What good does it do for hair? When this is applied on hair, do we get all its nutrients, like when we eat it? Not really, but it is still great for hair.

Basically avocado fruit is rich in proteins, amino acids, omega-3 fats and vitamins C, A, D and E. These nutrients look good and this is what we can get when we eat avocado fresh, but not as avocado oil.

Avocado Used For Scalp and Hair Growth

I do not know if you realized this but if you pick up a bottle of avocado oil, you will see that avocado oil contains zero protein. This is simply because when we extract oil, we also remove the proteins, carbohydrates and all fat based substances.

In fact even cold pressed avocado oil is produced by separating the oil from its pulp. So this also means that most of its vitamins like vitamins C, E and B are also lost in the process. Also, the amount of omega-3 is not as much as you would get when you take fish oil.

On the flip side though, avocado oil does have a very high content of monounsaturated fatty acids which work great for your hair – this is what is most important about avocado oil when it comes to how it can help you maintain a healthy scalp to grow hair long fast naturally.

It is said that extra virgin olive oil is good for your hair but know this – avocado oil has even higher monounsaturated fatty acid content than extra virgin olive oil.

Have you got dry, brittle, damaged and weak hair? Here is the good news – when you apply monounsaturated fats right on to your hair, it can really moisturize, nourish and make your hair strands stronger. So not only will your crowning glory be well protected but it will shine and make heads turn!

Just to side track here, for a change, you can also mash or blend (becomes more pasty) a really ripe avocado and then just spread it on to your hair as a deep conditioner. If you do not mind the mess and can do this regularly, great!

As for me, I do this once a month, for a change from virgin coconut oil. It really depends on my mood but avocado definitely makes an effective and wholesome hair conditioner or moisturizer. Otherwise, I also have many other natural scalp and hair recipes in my e-book to suit my moods and feelings.

Back to avocado oil, adding this oil to your regular conditioner to apply to your hair before you shampoo, makes a wonderful pre-treatment.

Or if you have brittle, fizzy or dry hair, you can just dab a little bit of avocado oil for styling your hair to make it look supple, shiny and attractive. I like this for a natural party look.

Scalp Massage Using Avocado Oil

Now this is the part I love to do. A good, consistent and proper scalp massage is the key to grow hair long fast naturally. So when I feel like avocado oil on your hair, just like my regular scalp massages, I dab this oil on my finger tips and massage my scalp.

By massaging, other than the nutrients being absorbed onto your scalp, this routine itself stimulates blood flow to your scalp so that the nutrients can get to your hair follicles to stimulate new and healthy hair growth. And yes, this makes your hair grow at its naturally fastest speed, because it is healthy and well fed.

Kneading and massaging your scalp actually clears your blocked follicles. When hair follicles are unclogged, the oil seeps in deeply and hair grows long at its naturally fastest speed and remains healthy.

Finally, when this whole avocado oil scalp massage routine is done, I always feel rejuvenated and refreshed all over. So this routine is something I usually love to do at the end of my day (after both my kids are sound asleep.

And here’s another tip – when I make my own avocado fruit or oil conditioner or mask, it costs much less than if I bought a bottle of conditioner. When I compare quality, making my own is also more natural as compared to what is sold.

What is sold in the shop although it says natural or even all natural, most of the time, there will be some amount of chemical like coloring, scent or some other substance. I like mine truly all natural.

Avocado Boost

On top using avocado oil or fruit as application (topical), if you still want an extra boost of this unique and wonderful fruit, just eat it fresh! This way, the nutrients you miss out when using avocado oil as application, your body can have it all, when you eat it fresh or raw.

For the best and highest amount of nutrient, avoid cooking avocado (or any fruit for that matter). Raw or fresh is best.


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